The results of this survey are going to be used in conjunction with Antidote productions who are currently making a new sensitive BBC Three documentary about LGBT mental health. The programme will explore what it means to grow up LGBT and the effects this can have on our emotional and mental wellbeing. The results of this survey will be in kept strict confidence and you have the option remain anonymous or provide your email address if you would like to be contacted with further information.
How old are you?

What is your gender

If you answered other to the above questions please can you specify here

What is your sexuality

If you answered other to the above question please can you specify here

Have you ever struggled with your mental health?

If yes please can you tell us how

If you answered other to the above question please specify here

Have you experienced biphobic, transphobic or homophobic bullying?

If yes can you tell us a bit about it

If you have ever self-harmed how long have/did you self-harm for?

Have you spoken to anyone about the above?

If you are interested in being contacted by Antidote Productions or SelfharmUK about the things you have spoken about in this survey please leave your email address and it may be that a member of the team will be in touch, although not everyone will be contacted.

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